Instruction for employers

Instructions for the employer

You have registered on our website as an employer

Thanks to you will find foreign employees and you can recruit them without even speaking the same language. Add a job posting or browse numerous profiles of foreign employees using our website.

Here you will find out how to add a job posting so that you attract as many employees as possible from our database.

Creating a job posting is not obligatory - you can still browse employees that interest you.


To create a job posting in a simple online form, you must first log into your employer account and go to: EMPLOYER PANEL - ADD JOB POSTING

Creating a job posting takes only a few minutes. The fields marked with asterisks (*) are mandatory, but we recommend to fill each field. This will increase the chance that you will find exactly the employee you are looking for.

You can manage your job postings in: PANEL EMPLOYERS - YOUR JOB POSTINGS


To view employees from our database, enter the searched position or keyword in the top search bar and click SEARCH, or go to: EMPLOYER PANEL - FIND EMPLOYEE

For even better search results, you can narrow them down by using the advanced employee search option.

The search results show basic information about employees. Detailed information about the employee can be seen by clicking the SEE CV button.


To manage your job postings, go to: EMPLOYER PANEL - YOUR JOB POSTINGS. You can see the publication status of your job posting and how many employees have applied for the position you added.